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Telefunken ‘Hexode’ YL1260

This is a giant tube. With around 500 grams of weight, definitely this is a heavy weight class. It’s a Pentode with shadow grid to reduce the screen current –...... Read More

AZ1 Comparison: Philips vs Valvo vs Telefunken

I dig some of my collection and find some AZ1 tubes. Basically, I have several tubes, but short word, they are separated into 3 brands, Philips Miniwatt AZ1, Valvo AZ1,...... Read More

G2504 / RGN2504 Black Mesh

I would rather call this as “beauty in the dark”… No longer perfect in terms of construction, slightly off-center for the mesh and triangle, since probably over 70 years old...... Read More

Midnight Tube Rectifier Shootout

In the middle of the night, after finishing my tube rectifier dual socket modification, I prepare some tube rectifier to test the new socket. I think it’s gonna be nice...... Read More