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Yamamoto Teflon/Bronze Female RCA Jack

Many know Yamamoto for its Teflon tube socket. But maybe not many know about Yamamoto Teflon Female RCA socket. The center and external conductor are shaved out from phosphorus bronze...... Read More

Yamamoto DCmA Panel Meter and Female RCA Jacks

Yamamoto is well known for its Teflon tube socket. Yamamoto has a very wide range of Teflon tube socket, from standar Noval/Octal to very unique like UX5 or UX6 or...... Read More

Custom PCB for Yamamoto 9-Pin Teflon Tube Socket [Part 2]

Perhaps you still remember the first article about designing the PCB? Now finally, the PCB has been done. The result is quite awesome, as the specs also set at premium...... Read More

Custom PCB for Yamamoto 9Pin Teflon Tube Socket

I bought Yamamoto 9Pin socket few weeks ago and I just realize that actually I need the PCB in order to make the soldering process easier. As you also notice,...... Read More

Yamamoto Teflon Tube Socket

If you have been in this audio industry quite some time, then you might not be surprised to hear this name: Yamamoto. Yamamoto is well known for its Telfon tube...... Read More

Removing the Old Tube Socket

During the upgrading process, the old Ceramic tube socket also got new replacement to the Teflon one. The problem is, the process to remove the old tube socket will not...... Read More