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Grayhill Rotary Switch + Texas Components TX2575 Resistor = Ultimate Volume Control?

One thing that might have been my habit is I like to go with ultimate option. Not necessarily to be the most expensive, but more on the top quality and...... Read More

Grayhill Rotary Switch as Stepped Attenuator

I have used several good brands of potentiometer. But once upon a time, I decided to stick with stepped attenuator. My first was DACT which using SMD resistor and configured...... Read More

Cleaning DACT Stepped Attenuator

Living in such humid country, then corrosion is always around. I hate it, frankly speaking. But no choice 😉 I try to ignore such corrosion (and throw away my ‘perfectionist’...... Read More

Cleaning Up DACT Stepped Attenuator

It comes upon a time when my DACT Stepped Attenuator needs a clean-up. Well, if you see below picture, the connectors are getting rusty. I could hear significant noise when...... Read More

Passive Preamp with DACT Stepped Attenuator

I plan to separate my system volume control with dedicated passive preamp. Before, I planned to take one attenuator from Goldpoint but due to some reason, I changed my mind...... Read More