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Tin Solder Experiment: Mixing Gold, Silver, and Tin

I have been waiting for quite some time to try this experiment: To try my own formula for tin solder. I own, test, and use a lot of tin solder...... Read More

Picking the Right Soldering Iron

Finding a good soldering iron is not an easy job. But once you find it, it will simplify the rest of your life – I mean, the rest of your...... Read More

Removing the Old Tube Socket

During the upgrading process, the old Ceramic tube socket also got new replacement to the Teflon one. The problem is, the process to remove the old tube socket will not...... Read More

Am I Seeing (Smelling?) My Gold Burned?

When I arrived back home at night and cleaned up my equipment, I noticed that my solder tip has “golden” color appearance. Well, I have been on this solder-toy-world for...... Read More

Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold

I also got chance to test the Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold. This is one of the finest solder on the market. Currently, I use WBT for most of my main...... Read More