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Am I Losing My Math?

I have made RGN/B4/B5 to Octal Converter few weeks ago. Actually, the converter was made for 1A RGN Rectifier (because of the resistor drop value). I put 2 x 0.5...... Read More

Some More Collectible Stuff (The RGN 2004 and RGN 1054)

Due to generosity of my friend, let’s call him “Mr. S”, I manage to secure two more RGN Rectifier and add it to my collection. Welcome the Telefunken RGN 2004...... Read More

Aikido PreAmp + RGN Rectifier + Duelund = Poison!

Just returned from a tired yet “deadly poisonous” DIY Gathering. We held an extra session with RGN 1054 Mesh Plate Rectifier and Duelund Capacitor installed on Aikido Pre-Amplifier (6N1P and...... Read More