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QLS QA-660 Basic Power Supply Modification Plan

QLS QA-660 comes with a standard PCB mount multi-secondaries transformer. This is probably not a bad transformer, but most of the time I would be more comfortable with a separate...... Read More

Tube Burner Platform

If you have a lot of old tubes, then this idea could be useful. I have planned to make this small device, but somehow quite lazy (ugh!). I think because...... Read More

TentLabs XO 11.289 MHz for QLS QA-550

If you have read my previous entry about QLS QA-550 SD Card Player, probably you still remember that I plan to upgrade the clock. Well, finally my TentLabs Low Jitter...... Read More

High Current Regulator with LM723 [Updated]

Today, I drill some acrylic and heatsink to mount the regulator PCB. What a tiring drilling job! Not too easy to drill a lot of holes on the heatsink, though...... Read More

Mini Regulator Testing

I’m the middle of laziness… Actually I want to finish my Gainclone LM1875 project, but it will consume a lot of my brainpower 😉 But I don’t want to waste...... Read More

Mini Regulator for TentLabs XO2 Reclock Module

Although Guido from TentLabs said his XO2 Reclock Module already equipped with “enough” power supply filtering, but I insist to use extra regulator. Double filtering should be better than one...... Read More

Tube Heater and B+ Power Supply Plan

Due to parts shortage on some components, I can’t complete the assembly of my DIY project. So I just write down the idea on my scratch book. Here is the...... Read More