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J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer (More Pictures)

Ken sent me more pictures. It would be interesting as the production is entering the final stage. I will not write much about this transformer as I have done that...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer

I have spent quite a lot of time to find a good transformer maker who can build something “beyond ordinary”. That means something standard (or a bit above standard) is...... Read More

Beautiful Mesh Plate

This is just another simple shoot. I don’t know why, the appearance of Mesh Plate tube always bring something special. I’m testing my burn-in tube rig actually. It’s good to...... Read More

Testing Tube Temperature

Sometime I’m curious how hot your tube is? Well, this short experiment will give you some idea. Different tube may have different thermal characteristic (simple logic: the higher current on...... Read More

AZ1 Comparison: Philips vs Valvo vs Telefunken

I dig some of my collection and find some AZ1 tubes. Basically, I have several tubes, but short word, they are separated into 3 brands, Philips Miniwatt AZ1, Valvo AZ1,...... Read More

G2504 / RGN2504 Black Mesh

I would rather call this as “beauty in the dark”… No longer perfect in terms of construction, slightly off-center for the mesh and triangle, since probably over 70 years old...... Read More

Midnight Tube Rectifier Shootout

In the middle of the night, after finishing my tube rectifier dual socket modification, I prepare some tube rectifier to test the new socket. I think it’s gonna be nice...... Read More

Dual Socket Octal + B4

My rectifier socket got problem, accidentally, the one of the pin was broken yesterday. So I fill this weekend to repair it. Since I used to use Octal and B4...... Read More

The Journey Continues…

It’s a cool weekend, we are entering rainy months. I continue soldering my Ultimate Power Supply. Today, I solder 8 pcs of MUR860 and 70 pcs of Black Gate F...... Read More

“Ultimate” Power Supply is Getting Near

Some of you have emailed me asking to finish the Gainclone – Black Gate Power Supply project, and well, I’m about to complete it with some modification. Here is the...... Read More

“Seductive” Night with RGN and New Power Supply

It’s over midnight. After my previous mod on my Aikido Power Supply section here, it’s time to test it with RGN rectifier. I pick my Tefefunken RGN1054 Mesh Rectifier (before,...... Read More

Some More Collectible Stuff (The RGN 2004 and RGN 1054)

Due to generosity of my friend, let’s call him “Mr. S”, I manage to secure two more RGN Rectifier and add it to my collection. Welcome the Telefunken RGN 2004...... Read More