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Yamamoto Teflon/Bronze Female RCA Jack

Many know Yamamoto for its Teflon tube socket. But maybe not many know about Yamamoto Teflon Female RCA socket. The center and external conductor are shaved out from phosphorus bronze...... Read More

Yamamoto DCmA Panel Meter and Female RCA Jacks

Yamamoto is well known for its Teflon tube socket. Yamamoto has a very wide range of Teflon tube socket, from standar Noval/Octal to very unique like UX5 or UX6 or...... Read More

RCA 7N7 Vacuum Tube (to Replace 6SN7)

It’s always interesting to try something new – especially vacuum tube. Sometime you can get something from unknown thing. I’m quite sure we are familiar with 6SN7 vacuum tube, which...... Read More

DIY Canare L-2T2S Interconnect Cable

Sometime it’s nice to build something simple at low cost, but reasonably sounds good. Today, we’re gonna make a simple interconnect cable. The purpose is actually I need to build...... Read More