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Elekit TU-8500 Tube Pre-Amplifier

I just purchased an tube pre-amplifier kit, Elekit TU-8500.  This is quite small and compact tube pre-amplifier. Considered very reasonable in cost and eventually good sounding one. Here is the...... Read More

IHEAC Tube Pre-Amp Blind Test Session

Indonesia High End Audio Club or in short, IHEAC, held an blind test (or maybe I would prefer to call them as blind scoring) for tube pre-amp. The session was ...... Read More

Pre-Amp #26 Parafeed – Tweaked with Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube

I visited my friend’s home few days ago. We planned to tweak his #26 Pre-Amp (with Parafeed design). His Pre-Amp was a high quality pre-amp, in terms of parts and...... Read More

A Shoot of My Aikido Preamp

Just take a shoot of my Aikido Preamp (6N1P, 6N6P, and 5U4C/5Z4 rectifier). Will upload the details later. Enjoy this cute pics. Beautiful, isn’t it?... Read More