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IHEAC Tube Pre-Amp Blind Test Session

Indonesia High End Audio Club or in short, IHEAC, held an blind test (or maybe I would prefer to call them as blind scoring) for tube pre-amp. The session was ...... Read More

Pre Amplifer “Free-for-All” Blind Test Session

Last week, located at Audio Lifestyle Magazine office (also known as TubeLover showroom), held a Pre Amplifier Blind Test Session. If I could recall my brain correctly, we have 38...... Read More

IFRM: Between the Rectifier and Capacitor

Usually, I never care about the theory behind all of my DIY project. Just plug it, hear it, like it, and finish it. But now, due to some reason (though...... Read More

PCB Made in America

Well, this is a surprise news for me (at first). A “Made in America” PCB? Seriously? Few months ago, my friend introduced me to TubeCAD (and finally led me to...... Read More