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Potting the Lundahl LL1673 Choke [Subjective Listening Test]

Please read here, here, here, here, and here before you continue reading this one. I believe that could give you an overview of this project. Finally, we come to the...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl LL1673 Choke [Measurement]

Finally, the Lundahl potting project has been completed. Now it’s the time to give initial measurement of the project. First is very simple testing, the inductance test. Next week, we...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 4 – Completed]

After around 12 hours and everything is cooled down, I manage to see the final result of my potting project. It seems like the pain has been well paid. The...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 3]

If you haven’t read the first two post, then I would suggest to visit here and here first. This is the 3rd experiment, and should be final one. I have...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 1]

It’s been a while since this idea came to my head few months back. Now it’s time to make it happens. As you might also know that Lundahl is one...... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: Lundahl LL1673 / 20H / 100mA / 60 Ohm DCR

I’m ongoing to rebuild my Aikido Preamp which has been suspended for quite long time. The target is simple: a complete wood chassis and some upgraded parts then we are...... Read More