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Infinity Power 3 Audiophile Fuse: When Safety Can Be Fun!

Few weeks ago, I got introduced by my good friend about this new fuse product. He got some samples for me to play with. Well, I’m not a believer in fuse....... Read More

DIY Power Supply Cable with Fuse and Alligator Clips

I’m not quite sure if the title above is correct, but I just can’t figure out something better. Basically, when you are doing DIY, then you will play a lot...... Read More

Aucharm Fuse

Just looking around and found something that looked interesting. Hope I’m right 😉... Read More

“El Cheapo” Slow Blow Fuse

I bought cheap slow blow fuse yesterday. Actually, almost all of my amp or preamp could use standard fuse with no problem. But sometime, due to inrush current, I may...... Read More