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Duelund Alexander Capacitor Subjective Listening Test

It’s been a while since my last capacitor comparison review was done. Not much changes actually (not much new ‘interesting’ products also I think). But I was quite tempted to...... Read More

Battle of Three Capacitors

It’s been a long since I promised to write this article: A comparison between Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar-in-Oil, Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube, and Jensen Copper Foil Copper Tube....... Read More

Extreme Capacitors Battle (1st Session)

Just what I’ve promised before, finally today I do the most awaited Capacitors Battle. Actually the “real battle” will be done within next few days. Let’s say, this is as...... Read More

ELMA Switch for Capacitor Comparison Session

Still remember the Extreme Capacitor Battle article? Well, it’s not done yet, but we are very close on it. The break-in session has reached around 180++ hours. I can feel...... Read More