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Sad News from Jensen Capacitors…

It’s a sad news when I read this on Duelund Coherent Audio (DCA) Instagram post. A/S Tobias Jensen Production has decided to stop production of their Jensen brand capacitors/inductors. As...... Read More

Salvaging Some Parts from Old Marantz PM400AVK

Long time no post. Quite a busy months. Let’s start with a simple one. All photos were taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020. I was too lazy to use my...... Read More

Some Components for My New Project

Hmm.. Today I receive some components which I’ve been waiting for 😉 Can’t wait to assembly it… BlackGate, Orange Drop, Sprague, Mallory, Wima FKP, Riken RMG, Vishay L6C, and Kiwame....... Read More