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Prototyping Power Supply Layout for My Preamp

As my chassis has done few days ago, now it’s time to design the placement of the parts. I have mentioned before that the dimension was quite tight, so I...... Read More

Wrong Calculation… (on New Aikido Preamp Chassis)

I did a stupid mistake. I ordered new chassis, but during the construction, I changed some parts and forgot if the new parts actually ‘lot’ bigger than the old one....... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: Chassis

Not yet finished chassis. Quite huge for a preamp, around 42×42 cm in size. Some copper sheet shown on the picture for some section on the top plate.... Read More

My Aikido on the Box

Finally, I put my Aikido Pre Amp on the chassis. Well, was a tough job since normally I didn’t do such thing (e.g. putting my DIY work on “little bit”...... Read More