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Dedicated Soldering Iron

Call me a perfectionist (or paranoid or retarded, like some people usually call the ‘audiophool‘), but I always keep my soldering iron only for certain type of tin solder. The...... Read More

The Use of Soldering Paste

For most of my soldering life, I still use what we call as ‘Flux’ or ‘Soldering Paste’ (or also known as ‘Lotfett’). Although some people say that the use of...... Read More

Fake Cardas SRCA Plugs with Cardas Logo

I was quite surprised to hear this email below few days ago. Yes I knew that some Cardas SRCA has Cardas logo, found on their reference or factory terminated cable...... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: IEC, Resistor, RCA, Hook-Up Wiring

The upgrade not yet ended. I still have something to finalize my Aikido PreAmp. I go to upgrade some section in order to make it firms before fitting it on...... Read More

When Cardas SRCA Meets Duelund 2.0 Rev 2 Interconnect

I don’t like expensive cable. My most expensive one was Kimber, the lower one was Synergistic Research. But I was stunned when listened my friend’s Duelund interconnect 0.5 and 2.0....... Read More