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DIY Canare L-2T2S Interconnect Cable

Sometime it’s nice to build something simple at low cost, but reasonably sounds good. Today, we’re gonna make a simple interconnect cable. The purpose is actually I need to build...... Read More

Between Myth and Fact…

This article, for most people, considered as ‘snake oil’ or made by ‘retarded audiophool guy’ (could be me). I just throw a little bit idea in this post, but feel...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Mission 762 Speaker Modification]

If you have read this previous article, probably you got my point when reading this one. Now, I’m doing the modification for the speaker. After several serious examination (well, you...... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: IEC, Resistor, RCA, Hook-Up Wiring

The upgrade not yet ended. I still have something to finalize my Aikido PreAmp. I go to upgrade some section in order to make it firms before fitting it on...... Read More