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Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) Solid State Amplifier Blind Test Session

Today, 1st of September 2012, located on ACA Matraman, Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) hold a Solid State Amplifier Blind Test session. So here is the audience and (some)...... Read More

Bintaro DIY DAC Competition

As usual, local audio DIY group in Indonesia held a routine group meeting and gathering. This time, the topic is DAC. There were several contenders joined this session. Below is...... Read More

IHEAC Grand Prix Blind Test [1]: DAC

Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) arranges a ‘grand prix’ to encourage DIY community to build and show their best product. There will be several blind test and each session...... Read More

Class A Amplifier Blind Test Session

Last week, we held a simple DIY Blind Test session. The contenders were all Class A amplifier (we can see F5, J2, Aleph, TUMOS, and some others…) This was a...... Read More

IHEAC Tube Pre-Amp Blind Test Session

Indonesia High End Audio Club or in short, IHEAC, held an blind test (or maybe I would prefer to call them as blind scoring) for tube pre-amp. The session was ...... Read More

DIY Audio Gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia)

Last week, we have a local DIY audio gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia). I took some photo, hope these could inspire us (DIY) more in the future. Sorry I didn’t “remember”...... Read More

Audio DIY Gathering at Bintaro, Indonesia

Last week, we held a DIY gathering. Located at Bintaro, Indonesia. The host was Mr. Didik F. Wiryawan and family. Around 30+ people were there, was one of the crowded...... Read More

Single Ended Amplifier Weekend Benchmarking Session

It’s time for Single Ended amplifier benchmarking session. Located at Bakmi Margonda, Sarinah, Indonesia. Here is some shoot from the event. The system was very simple, Tannoy speaker, Audio Aero...... Read More

Weekend Audio Session at DWA’s House

It was a nice session at DWA’s house located at Bintaro. We held a long session, from morning to night, from amplifier, preamp, DAC, to speaker. The event was started...... Read More

Solid State Blind Test Session

It was a nice day, a little bit rainy at the morning. I went to Bintaro (Mr. Didik home) to enjoy a Solid State Blind Test session. After around 1.5...... Read More

Pre Amplifer “Free-for-All” Blind Test Session

Last week, located at Audio Lifestyle Magazine office (also known as TubeLover showroom), held a Pre Amplifier Blind Test Session. If I could recall my brain correctly, we have 38...... Read More

John Broskie’s Aikido Pre-Amplifier Blind Test Session

The time has come… Saturday, 6 July 2008… The Aikido Blind Test session at Tubelover, South Jakarta, Indonesia. Total we have 11 contenders today. All with John Broskie Aikido Pre-Amplifier...... Read More