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Sneak Peek from My Latest Elekit TU-8900 Upgrades

Quite a busy week with a lot of daily work. So this hobby will be pushed to next priority for sure. But I managed to get myself consistent in spending...... Read More

News: Audio Note New Electrolytic Capacitor

Year 2014 could be an interesting year for DIY audio. I just came across Audio Note website and found that Audio Note planned to launch a new electrolytic capacitor. More...... Read More

Black Gate WKz ‘Heart of Muse’

I have been a fan for Black Gate for quite long time. My first time impression probably nearly 10 years ago. I forgot whether I heard SKz or WKz at...... Read More

Terratec Aureon FireWire 7.1 Mod (II)

This post is the 2nd episode of my Terratec Aureon 7.1 FireWire mod. You can check the 1st one here. Below is the final appearance of my Aureon. Sigh… despite...... Read More

Terratec Aureon FireWire 7.1 Mod

I’ve been very busy later these days, almost no time even to refresh myself listening the music. Powering my tube amp, let them warm up won’t take less than 30...... Read More

Testing My Power Supply (Still Not Yet Finished)

I have a short free time at the afternoon, and it’s time to test my Power Supply for my Gainclone. Powered by Talema dual secondaries, each rated at 18VAC/6.3A... Read More

Finally, It’s Done… Soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate Troops…

After over 2 month of laziness, finally I finish the tiring job, soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate F Series for my Gainclone Power Supply. Well, practically, this is not...... Read More

Mini Regulator Continued…

I will continue my journey assembling the Mini Regulator. Now it’s the time for easiest part, the resistors and capacitors. To be honest, it’s not that easy – I mean,...... Read More

“Perfectionist” Design

Being a perfectionist is not easy (and not cheap). Still remember my ambitious project before? I want to make it perfect, so let’s start the 1st phase, testing the capacitor...... Read More

Black Gate F Series Gainclone Power Bank

As I’ve promised before, my Gainclone project will be supplied with special smoothing capacitors. Welcome, the Black Gate F Series 680uF/65V. Each rail (positive and negative) will have 30 pcs...... Read More

Extra Ammunitions for Gainclone Project

I’m thinking of… a full Black Gate Power Supply 😉 Well, it’s not a dream since I have enough Black Gate F Series stock on hand. One value only, 680uF/65V. I...... Read More