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Bintaro DIY DAC Competition

As usual, local audio DIY group in Indonesia held a routine group meeting and gathering. This time, the topic is DAC. There were several contenders joined this session. Below is...... Read More

Old AD1865N and New AD1865N-K

AD1865 was build from some different factory around the world. Some may have from Malaysia, some from Philippines, some maybe from anywhere around the world. I collected some old AD1865N,...... Read More

I2S to AD1865 LSBJ Converter

Finally, I finish assembling my AD1865 PCB which converts standard I2S to AD1865 LSBJ format. This idea comes from pavouk, which provides the schematic then later I follow to design...... Read More

AD1865 I2S Input PCB

There are not many options to go with NOS DAC. One is TDA 1541, and the other is AD1865. Some says, the TDA is better (at least the S1), meanwhile...... Read More