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Elekit TU-8500 Heatsink Upgrade

I decide to add heatsink to some of the components on my Elekit TU-8500. By default, most of the components on the Elekit TU-8500 do not have (and do not...... Read More

Construction of Elekit TU-8900: 300B/2A3 Amplifier

Here is the construction video of Elekit TU-8900. There are 3 videos: Two are the construction and one is the testing session. Enjoy!  ... Read More

Accuphase E-210A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Always interesting to play with a high quality build vintage equipment, especially this famous Japanese brand Accuphase. The ‘A’ suffix on E-210 model means it has phono preamp inside. Overall,...... Read More

QLS QA-550 SD Card WAV Player “Naked”

My new digital transport has just come, QLS QA-550. This is actually a SD Card WAV Transport, as it only has digital out (either Coaxial or Optical) and internally I2S...... Read More

Realtek ALC660 Can’t Do Bit Perfect Digital Output?

I have some free time today. So it’s the time to do some of my hobby: audio. Today I have a Grado SR80 headphone and my old FireWire sound card,...... Read More

Blackberry on Windows Mobile this Fall

According to this, Research in Motion (RIM) is working on the emulator to make Windows Mobile based devices to work like a Blackberry. I think the idea is simple, but...... Read More

Train Your Brain with Spb Brain Evolution

Spb has just launcher their new application (or game?). The idea is very interesting, to exercise your brain. Train your brain to reach another level, just like your muscle. Basically,...... Read More

iPAQ hx4700 and XDA Debug Mode

I just remember this tips today. Last year, when I was upgrading my iPAQ hx4700 (I’m stil using it right now) to Windows Mobile 2005, somehow the system was stucked....... Read More

In-Movie Commercial: 50% Education, 50% Imagination

I’ve just watched the “Snake on the Plane”. Well, I saw some interesting (but not a new innovation) on the movie: The in-movie commercial. On one scene, the FBI agent...... Read More

Nokia vs Walkman: Marketing vs Technology

If you have been in this world for at least 15 years, I’m sure you know what is “Walkman” refers to. At that time, maybe you didn’t know who is...... Read More

Misdirection, Stan! Misdirection!

Last night, I saw a good movie on local TV. Actually, that was one of my favorite movie, with title Swordfish. I believe most of you have seen this movie,...... Read More