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Nokia Lumia 1020: The 41 MegaPixel Monster

What a lazy Sunday! So I just play a bit with my Nikkor 105mm Micro lens to take picture of the new Nokia Lumia 1020, smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1...... Read More

Travelling with Nokia Lumia 920 [Camera Quality Review]

Maybe you still remember my old article here. It was Nokia Lumia 800 used during my trip to Singapore. Now, visiting similar place but with slightly different ‘gun’, the Nokia...... Read More

ASUS Xonar Essence One: Preliminary Exploration

ASUS seems so serious to jump into sound card industry. Since the first Xonar sound card launched several years back, ASUS keeps doing a lot of innovative things. I think,...... Read More

Raspberry Pi

This could be related with audio. Probably. A Raspberry Pi, a credit size computer with Broadcom BCM2835 SoC. This contains an ARM1176JZFS, with floating point, running at 700Mhz, 256 MB...... Read More

Restoring Vintage Gear: HP Palmtop 200LX

This weekend, I play a bit off topic from my regular hobby, which is audio. This is an old HP Palmtop 200LX. I own several units but due to improper...... Read More

Travelling with Nokia Lumia 800 [Photo Quality Review]

Let’s forget a little bit about audio and move a little bit to another hobby of me: photography. Recently, I rarely bring my camera during short trip. Why? Because mostly...... Read More

Nokia E7 ‘USB On-The-Go’ Connects to USB Sound Card (It Works!)

“USB On-The-Go” is not really a new thing actually. But since I have ‘exiled’ myself from the glamorous gadget world, probably I have missed this one. So, I just acquire...... Read More

QLS QA-550 SD Card WAV Player “Naked”

My new digital transport has just come, QLS QA-550. This is actually a SD Card WAV Transport, as it only has digital out (either Coaxial or Optical) and internally I2S...... Read More

Playing with Asus O!Play Air HDP-R3

I got chance to try ASUS O!Play Air HDP-R3. Short words, it’s a digital storage player (you can use external HDD connected via USB or e-SATA or use the build-in...... Read More

Inside (Disassembly) O2 Exec

I have some problem which force me to disassembly my O2 Exec. So here is some pictures. The whole unit inside of my O2 Exec.... Read More

Notebook Power Consumption on Test

So far, I’m very anxious to see how much power I can save with my laptop (let’s say – if I turn of my screen, my speaker, my ODD, etc)....... Read More

Eee PC 900 on Hand (A Short Review)

I just received Eee PC 900. Here is some photos and comparison with my old Eee PC 700 series (4G). Enjoy it! 😉 Photo above is the comparison between Eee...... Read More