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My collectible items!

Tube Burner Platform

If you have a lot of old tubes, then this idea could be useful. I have planned to make this small device, but somehow quite lazy (ugh!). I think because...... Read More

QLS QA-660

It’s been a while since I bought my QLS QA-550. Although I haven’t played much with it, but in overall, I like the quality of the player. Now, the new...... Read More

Raspberry Pi

This could be related with audio. Probably. A Raspberry Pi, a credit size computer with Broadcom BCM2835 SoC. This contains an ARM1176JZFS, with floating point, running at 700Mhz, 256 MB...... Read More

Nikkor (Nikon) Lens Mini Comparison

Let’s move out from audio topic a bit and switch to photography. It’s well known that not all lenses are created equal. Indeed, they are not equal, both physical and...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 4 – Completed]

After around 12 hours and everything is cooled down, I manage to see the final result of my potting project. It seems like the pain has been well paid. The...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 3]

If you haven’t read the first two post, then I would suggest to visit here and here first. This is the 3rd experiment, and should be final one. I have...... Read More

Cleaning Up DACT Stepped Attenuator

It comes upon a time when my DACT Stepped Attenuator needs a clean-up. Well, if you see below picture, the connectors are getting rusty. I could hear significant noise when...... Read More

Amanda McBroom: Dreaming

Long time I haven’t written any review about my CD collection. This time, I will write about one of the most collectible album, Amanda McBroom: Dreaming. This is one from...... Read More

Picking the Right Soldering Iron

Finding a good soldering iron is not an easy job. But once you find it, it will simplify the rest of your life – I mean, the rest of your...... Read More

Fake Cardas SRCA Plugs with Cardas Logo

I was quite surprised to hear this email below few days ago. Yes I knew that some Cardas SRCA has Cardas logo, found on their reference or factory terminated cable...... Read More

New Auricap XO Capacitor

So far, Auricap is one of my trusted capacitor brand – in power supply section. I still remember ‘few’ years back (when using this capacitor for the very first time)...... Read More

MJ 300B/2A3 Special Edition

A special edition of MJ Audio Technology Magazine from Japan. A must have for 300B/2A3 lover! Quite expensive, especially if you buy it outside Japan.... Read More