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Grayhill Rotary Switch as Stepped Attenuator

I have used several good brands of potentiometer. But once upon a time, I decided to stick with stepped attenuator. My first was DACT which using SMD resistor and configured...... Read More

Cleaning DACT Stepped Attenuator

Living in such humid country, then corrosion is always around. I hate it, frankly speaking. But no choice 😉 I try to ignore such corrosion (and throw away my ‘perfectionist’...... Read More

Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) Lead-out Upgrade

I bought this Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) around 3 years ago. I think Duelund was not as popular as now at that time, but still this Ag (Silver) version...... Read More

Evening Soldering Practice: LME 49720HA

It’s been quite some time since I play with small soldering job. Time to practice a bit more. On the same time, I have to solder my LME 49720HA to...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One (E1): Almost Done…

After this process, now it’s time for the audio board to return to its original place. Time to plug her back. The final touch is to assembly the power supply...... Read More

A Troop of Capacitor

For Asus Xonar Essence One modification 😉 Best on the class, perfect on their position.... Read More

AD825 and LM49720

AD825 has been my favorite opamp for quite some time. But seeing the new trend of LM49720, I think it’s gonna be a good idea to have a try. From...... Read More

MJ Technical Disc Vol. 6

There is a big surprise by MJ Audio Magazine this month. They provide a Technical Disc for their readers. There are total 16 amazing tracks, recorded superbly. I’m quite surprised...... Read More

Preparing the Layout…

Yes, I’m kind a lazy guy when it comes to realization (or finalization) of my DIY project. But I think I’m gonna (or I have to) be serious to finalize...... Read More

DIY Battery Power Supply for Sencore LC102

If you have read my previous article regarding the Sencore LC102, definitely you will notice that I have no power supply for this unit. After searching around, it seems quite...... Read More

Dedicated Soldering Iron

Call me a perfectionist (or paranoid or retarded, like some people usually call the ‘audiophool‘), but I always keep my soldering iron only for certain type of tin solder. The...... Read More

OpAmp to Upgrade Xonar Essence One

I was digging my component box to see if I can find some other opamp to be used in Xonar Essence One. Luckily I still have some obsolete (but my...... Read More