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Repairing Broken Peerless/Tymphany P830985 Full Range Driver

I got this Tymphany driver from broken Bluetooth speaker. First, I don’t expect I would see anything special inside a broken Bluetooh speaker. But I’m wrong. The driver used is...... Read More

Another Comment of ‘No Name Capacitor’ from

First, I need to say sorry because I haven’t updated this blog for quite some time. Crazy busy with my daily office life. I have some good stuff on hand,...... Read More

HP (Agilent) 8903B: Audio Analyzer / Distortion Meter

This is one of the measurement device that has been on my list for a while, it’s HP/Agilent 8903B distortion meter (well, Tektronix AA501 is also on my list). It’s...... Read More

HP (Agilent) 5328A: Universal (Frequency) Counter

In order to have better view (and better understanding) of how stuff works, especially in audio, I need to have more testing equipments. Unfortunately, those are quite expensive for a...... Read More

Salvaging Some Parts from Old Marantz PM400AVK

Long time no post. Quite a busy months. Let’s start with a simple one. All photos were taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020. I was too lazy to use my...... Read More

Shuguang 300BS-B Ceramic Tube Socket

This is quite common tube, 300B by Shuguang. Nothing really special, only white ceramic tube socket, gold plated pins, and carbonized nickel plate. Let’s see how interesting this tube when...... Read More

F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB

This is indeed a nice F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB. Well designed one, good option and flexibility, and surely good quality fabrication. Time to shop for the parts? 😉... Read More

TCXO Module from D/A Mental

A bit tough later these days to find a good reclock module. Somehow, I was interested to try this one: TCXO Module from D/A Mental (a bit strange name, huh?)....... Read More

Seeing in Big Picture…

Not really a DIY activity this one, but just a break with another hobby: photography! I believe we are familiar with a lot of tubes, but sometime we never see...... Read More

Potting Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer

After first part here, I think it’s time to experiment more with this SPDIF Transformer. What could be worst than potting it into a custom enclosure? Nanana, I can’t even...... Read More

Mounting Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer

Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer is quite unique. The appearance is 8-pins SMD, but the footprint is nowhere on the 8-pins SMD one. I have tried BrownDog PCB to mount, but...... Read More

QLS QA-660 Modification Plan

It has been quite some time since my last article on this blog. Quite a busy life (but that busy life pays this hobby, anyway). I tried to spend sometime...... Read More