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My collectible items!

Testing & Curve Tracking Western Electric (WE) 300B Tube with uTracer V6

I’m testing and curve tracing my vintage Western Electric 300B tube, year 1950. It’s amazing to see 70+ years old tube still measured as good as new.... Read More

Western Electric 300B Year 1950 & 1997 Physical Comparison (with Takatsuki TA-300B as well)

This time, I would like to compare the physical differences between vintage Western Electric 300B Year 1950 vs the re-issue version Year 1997. I also add Takatsuki TA-300B at the...... Read More

Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 8

Finally, we have our custom Cathode Resistor ready. With 2mm thick PCB and 2oz of copper, total 29 pcs of Shinkoh 2W Tantalum Resistors are mounted there.... Read More

Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 6

The power supply PCB for Elekit TU-8900 has arrived! It has 2mm thickness, 2oz copper, and 2um gold plated. Superb build quality!... Read More

Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 4

Things are getting more serious. More components being installed, starting from TKD 2W resistor, Vishay TX2575, Audio Note Silver Tantalum 2W, Shinkoh Tantalum 2W, Riken RMG 1W, Black Gate Non-Polar,...... Read More

Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 3

One of the most important thing when doing the upgrade is the “planning”. Planning here means setting up the strategy on how to put the parts to make sure that...... Read More

Takatsuki TA-2A3 Vacuum Tube

After trying Takatsuki TA-300B quite some time ago, now I got chance to try their new production of 2A3… Welcome Takatsuki TA-2A3. 2A3 is popular as Mother-of-Triode (or Mother-of-AudioTubes). Compared...... Read More

Ultimate “Cost No Object” Elekit TU-8900 Upgrade

This will be my ultimate Elekit TU-8900 “cost no object” upgrade project. I have collected the parts for quite some time. Some are new, some perhaps have been there for...... Read More

Book Review: Sakuma’s Articles Collection from MJ Audio

This piece of art (book, I mean) consists of articles, photos, and information about the famous audiophile/DIY from Japan, Sakuma. Though it’s not cheap (7700 JPY), this 346 pages book...... Read More

Takatsuki TA-300B: Made in Japan

Just bought new 300B tubes from Japan, Takatsuki TA-300B. This Japanese made tube should be one of the top line for 300B tube on the market – comparable with new...... Read More

Construction of Elekit TU-8900: 300B/2A3 Amplifier

Here is the construction video of Elekit TU-8900. There are 3 videos: Two are the construction and one is the testing session. Enjoy!  ... Read More

DIY Power Distributor with All Furutech NCF Socket

Power distributor (or commonly known as power strip) is nothing new. I believe we can find this power strip everywhere – in our home, office, even in our desk or...... Read More