It’s been a very long time since my last post in this blog. Well, common reason, busy with daily work activities.

Anyway, I will write a short one and try to write some more later 🙂

This small project actually started when my daughter’s microphone started to intermittently not working. It doesn’t take long time for me to find out that the cable is kinda cheap one . Very small gauge and the count itself very few, so no surprise here if somewhere internally broken.

I will not go with expensive cable for now as this is only for microphone cable. The requirement would be quite simple: commonly used in pro audio (widely accepted) and good durability. I ended up with this cable below.

You can see the comparison between my new balanced cable (half cut, with the copper braided shielding exposed) vs the old small gauge wire with kinda aluminum foil shielding.


I choose Mogami Neglex 2534, recommended by my colleagues, Moko and Agus GSI (thanks Bros). Before I wanted to try Gotham cable also (seen quite good comments out there), but not easy to get one, or at least not as easy as Mogami.

This Mogami Neglex 2534 itself consists of 4 conductors (quad design). According to Mogami itself, this cable is highly recommended in intense RFI interference area with 10-20dB improvement in SNR. I might not need this kind of extra protection actually, but you know that I don’t mind to go extra miles on this. Priced less than $3 per meter, this is absolutely a bargain

Look at the photo below. Beautifully arranged quad cables inside covered by copper braided as shield/ground.

The connector itself would be no brainer: Neutrik.

Some of you might be asking, “Hey Jimmy, why don’t you go fancy as usual with Cardas or Furutech?” 🙂 Relax man, I’m just starting this okay?

Finally, after few minutes of soldering session with WBT 4% silver solder as usual, the cable is done. Quite happy with both Mogami and Neutrik. Very easy to work even with basic 40W Goot soldering iron. If you ever have experienced soldering a Rhodium connector like Cardas, you perhaps can do this one with close eyes (kidding).

I’m quite sure this cable will last for another 5-10 years or even more. Now it’s time to sing…