I’ve received quite number of emails or private messages asking why I no longer updating this blog. Well, yes, I’m quite of busy and don’t really have much time writing later these days.

Some of you even asking if I’m still in this DIY Audio hobby 😉  I would say YES, I’m still in this kinda world. I’m still collecting good stuff, although not as hardcore as before.

I still have some mind blowing projects (you know me) which I have in mind, but need to be postponed.

Classic reason, very busy with daily life activities.

I love the old stories told by my old audiophile friend quite some time ago. Quite funny, but quite true.

  • When you are young, you have so much time and energy, but not so much of money
  • When you are on the middle age (start working/developing career), you have money to be spent, but you might not have time to enjoy
  • When you are old, you have enough money, enough time to enjoy, but might not have enough energy or ear sensitivity to enjoy the music

Back to my story. I might need to take a break on this hobby for next couple of years. I might post here if I have time, but most of the time, I would be around Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Keep in touch!