During local DIY audio gathering few weeks back, we also got chance to audition the Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module. I think this kind of event is absolutely a best way to test a device or equipment. Not because we have several well known listener with very good/trained ears, but also you can get a hand to help doing A/B and test it on several devices.

After testing few combinations, finally we decided to use Korg MR-2000S DSD Recorder as source, “prototype” amp (SIT+tube combo), Pass F4 hybrid (SRPP gain stage), and Audio Nirvana 8″ speaker in bass reflex enclosure.

Specific for Korg MR-2000S as I knew the connection, I set exactly the live-neutral-ground wiring. The preamp and amplifier, as I had no idea the wiring, so just plugged them “confidently” that we were wiring them correctly.

We tried to reverse the live-neutral in Korg MR-2000S and the different was very significant (music just like compressed and staging was very small). We tested several times and the result was obvious. Just a note for you who might not believe the urgency of wiring your equipment correctly (between live and neutral).


As you might read the previous article here, we need to put the card and the card is actually the “heart” of this device to set the character of this Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module. I had 3 cards on hand, as you can see below. All the cards were version 5.4 (by the time I’m writing this article, I have received version 5.6 and Spatium Audio is working on version 5.8).




To insert the card is very easy. Just slide it underneath the black plastic epoxy box. There are few millimeters gap between the black plastic epoxy box to the ceramic base.


I inserted the card into its position. I put general version card, because the rest 2 cards were for my own system and for my Korg MR-2000S. But off course for the sake of experimenting, we exchanged the other cards to, to hear what would happen.

The result was simply amazing. With “proper” card, the music become more balanced. All the instrument were flowing smoothly. We could feel that without the card inserted, there were some instruments excessively emphasized. With the card inserted, there was a harmony on the music. Staging also much improved, the layer and separation increased dramatically.

Dramatically here means it didn’t take extra attention to realize the different. Simply removed the card, we could hear the different.

Also, you might notice that I put statement earlier “with proper card”. Yes, during our experiment, different card would give different tuning effect. Some might give too much pressure so the music become “duller” or “less live”. So definitely you need to inform Spatium Audio about your system or equipment where you would use this Clavis Power Filter Module. During this case – most of the time – the generic card was the best. Simply because it’s not my own system, and the specific card was not designed for this system.

Anton from Spatium Audio told me that the improvement of using specific card tuned for our own system will give huge improvement over the generic card.


So what is the verdict?

This Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module is something new in terms of tweaking/tuning device. I can guess some of the “technology” behind – which unfortunately I should not disclose here. It’s a bit unbelievable for some people. What is this? A card which is not physically connected to anything could alter or tune the sound? 🙂 Let’s keep the reason behind it as secret for now.

But one thing for sure, with correct and tuned card, it improves the sound significantly. I would say the music would be flowing smoothly, not rushing each other. Staging and separation also much improved. Some of the micro detail also obviously identified on the music with the card inserted.

It doesn’t take a genius or audiophile to hear the different. In fact, we got some visitors during this event (friends of the place owner) which were not an audiophile. He was surprised to hear the different when we removed and inserted the card.

I’m waiting for testing it again with new card version 5.6 and 5.8.