It’s been quite some time since last gathering at Bintaro (although I have to admit that I missed some of the gathering due to schedule conflict issue), so finally we have another round of gathering again few weeks ago. As usual, this gathering is an event to have “meet & greet” with people with same hobby, which is audio and do-it-yourself (or DIY). Most of them doing DIY not because they can’t afford or they hate branded stuff, but more on the way to express themselves in audio. They are not allergy with branded stuff for sure!

Enjoy some shoots on the event, especially the stuffs 😉

Below is CEC Player CD5300 used by the host, Mr. Didik.


This CEC CD5300 has digital filter setting and also oversampling adjustment setting from 32, 64, and 128fs. Each will alter how its internal DAC behavior.


Nelson Pass F4 DIY amplifier with tube in SRPP configuration.


We have also special guess performing in speaker section, the Audio Nirvana. Interesting full range speaker. Surprisinglya, it doesn’t mind playing a bit loud in “Poem of Chinese Drum” by Yim Hok Man.


Need some adjustment a bit, guys? 😉


We also have experimental pre-amplifier in classic “Bell” chassis. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to disclose what’s inside.

On the left (acrylic box), we can see Sabre DAC with XMOS USB interface. One of famous high resolution DAC available on the market now.


Another experimental amplifier in solid wooded box. Am I seeing Sony from the distance?


Yes, it’s Sony! 2sK28 and 2SJ28… I think you should know what’s inside, right?

The performance was very impressive with transparent detail and excellent staging.


Again, some adjustment here and there.


We spent hours enjoying music and some new experimental designs (which again unfortunately, I’m not allowed to disclose more detail, maybe next time).

The session continued with Korg MR-2000S playing some high resolution track. Power filter module from Spatium Audio also joining the session which the result was very impressive (I still couldn’t believe those card does matter).


See you on next gathering!