I got email from Anton Mehl, owner of Spatium Audio few weeks back. He told me he used to be a regular long time reader of my blog. He has been specialized himself in improving sound of instruments and human voice. His latest development is power filter module which he would like me to try.

After exchanging several (lot) of emails, finally the sample arrived just last week.

The unit has quite simple appearance like below. It has 3 modules for hot, neutral, and ground. It’s (off course) directional and better to be connected accordingly. The usage is very simple. Those three lines from the outlet should be connected to this filter module first before connected to the power distributor. So this Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module will be sitting in between your wall outlet and your equipment/system.

In my country (Indonesia) where Schuko is commonly used, hot and neutral can easily be connected wrongly. So proper marking and checking is mandatory.


The additional “funny” thing is this module will need a “card” (or a piece of special laminated card) to be inserted below the filter module. You might be laughing at present time. A card to be inserted underneath the module? With no electricity or conductivity to the module itself? You must be joking, right? 🙂

Not stopping to that, the card itself better to be customized with your system. You need to tell the system used to Anton, so he can help you to create specific card for you. It could be specific card for specific equipment, or it could be specific card for whole system, or you can ask for generic card which can be used to generic/general system. Anton puts a note that generic card will not be as good as specific customized card for specific equipment/system.


Anton sent me three cards, one for my DSD Recorder/Player Korg MR-2000S, one for generic system (for testing unknown system), and one for my own system setup.


I don’t have “blank” power distributor, but finally got Brennenstuhl power distributor which I use at my home (and got some spare). This Made in Germany product surely not on the audiophile (or audiophool) level, but surely much better than many power distributor available in local electronic shop or convenient store.

With only around 2 hours time between my bed time and gathering session tomorrow – which I plan to bring this module for testing in larger local DIY audio audience, then my creativity was pushed to the limit.

Long story short, I opened the Brennenstuhl power distributor, cut the wires, patched in the Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module (soldered with WBT Silver Solder), and assembled back the Brennenstuhl.

How to mount the Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module? Luckily Brennenstuhl has some extra space on the external plastic cover. I drilled two holes, put the screws and spacer, voila the module now mounted on the side of Brennenstuhl. I added some strong epoxy to make sure the screws were securely mounted there.


The final appearance of the Brennenstuhl + Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module. The filter module mounted on the side of the power distributor. Not a bad for 2 hours time job! The connections also securely with heat shrink to avoid any unwanted electric shock if accidentally touched 😉


This device is now ready to join the event tomorrow. Although by the time I’m writing this article, the module has been tested completely on the event, but I will keep the result for my later post (somewhere by this week).

One word that I can share at present time is quite simple and straight forward: Amazing!

More testing will come soon… Stay tune!