As part of my modification plan (for my Korg MR-2000S), I will need to convert the SMD to DIP. That’s because all the original components on the Korg MR-2000S mostly are SMD, like below opamp.

I’m not saying those kind of opamp are not good, but just a bit limited in terms of the option.

The only solution for that kind of problem is to make it more modular or upgradeable. The answer is to convert that SMD interface to DIP. DIP socket will make our life easier: easy to swap, just need to plug and play, no soldering, no hassle.


This is few set of PCB with SMD feet. I can easily solder the SMD feet into the original solder pad on Korg MR-2000S, then put another DIP socket on the top of it. Voila, I can easily swap my favorite opamp there.



The photo was taken with my Nikkor Micro 200mm / F4 lens. Love that DoF at approximately F7.1.

0-SMD Converter

There will be the moment of truth – later. I have two types of opamp which are currently my favorite: Burson Discrete Opamp Gen4 and NJR Muses01. Will see which one will perform better for my Korg MR-2000S.