My second post of the weekend. This is my new source gear, Korg MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder. I have been looking for a very good source and I’m a believer in high resolution audio format (and proper DSP for re/upsampling could deliver better for non-high resolution format – this to follow later). So when I got a rare chance to acquire this Korg MR-2000S, I don’t have to think twice that this is the way to go.

Actually I have another option, Tascam DA-3000. Same high resolution 1-Bit recorder with capability up to 5.6 MHz or DSD128. From the specification, it seems Tascam has more I/O options and also equipped with linear power supply vs switching based on this Korg MR-2000S. Tascam also using Secure Digital/Compact Flash as storage media vs HDD/SSD on this Korg (this makes Tascam price is significantly lower than Korg). Also they are using different DAC (high end and newer BurrBrown 1795 on Tascam vs vintage Cirrus Logic CS4398 on Korg).CS4398 was introduced on 2003. I couldn’t recall or find the launch of BurrBrown 1795, but shouldn’t be as old as Cirrus Logic CS4398.

Although they are basically a recorder, but no one can prevent you from using it as a high resolution player – a very good player indeed.

I have been using CS4396 long down on my first few year in the studio/pro world (Lynx L22/Lynx TWO). That was more than 15 years ago, I guess. I still have EMU1820 on hand (PCI based sound card) which is using newer CS4398 which I got it around 10 years ago. And now 10 years later, I’m purchasing a completely newer device, with newer technology, but with 12+ years old DAC? Interesting fact! Technology doesn’t seem to fly that fast.

So here is the front faceplate of Korg MR-2000S (well, around one-fourth of the faceplate). We can see a simple interface, with headphones jack and independent volume control. On the side of it, we can see sample rate indicator, from a very basic PCM 44.1 kHz to a top notch DSD128 / 5.6 MHz.

1-Korg Faceplate1

The other part of the front plate, the basic navigation menu. You need to come and press this button directly. No remote control or any other wireless control provided. Don’t ever ask for wireless control via web browser or smartphone.

2-Korg Faceplate2


It has a small, simple, but quite informative LCD screen (but still, small might be a bit issue). A basic VU Peak Meter also found on the side of it. This might be a fancy feature when using this Korg MR-2000S as playback device, but very important during recording.

3-Korg Playing

Sonically speaking, this player is above average. The detail and resolution are there, speed and dynamic with proper control, and the overall tonal balance is just right. More on this later.

Actually I have disassembled this unit and have prepared some modification plan (power supply, output stage, etc). But again, time is really an issue for me later these days. Hope to get it posted soon (or later).