Local brand setup with horn loaded loudspeaker, 2A3 tube amplifier, and multi tubes pre-amplifier.


The DIY speaker with quite complex design.


Another local brand setup named “Suara Audio”. This is one old brand that still exists in local audio market. They specialized in tube mostly for serious listener, and solid state for new comer with a bit limited budget but wants to enjoy a good sound. They have some 300B amplifier there, speaker, and also entry level 2.1 system with integrated amplifier and tube buffer.


I think this should be 300B in PSE mode by local brand “Suara Audio”.


Moon front end system and Dali speaker. Loud, strong, and live system. No need to worry with limited power, you can simply crank up the volume to a level that you can enjoy Stimela or Black Magic Woman without having to worry that your amplifier will distort or running out of juice.


Not only speaker, there are also several shop selling and put several demo headphone.