Vermouth Audio is a local brand based in Bali, Indonesia. During its early day, Vermouth released a lot of cables. Now, we can see speaker and also amplifier product. I saw some other equipment like DAC also.


New speaker from Vermouth Audio. Available in two different platform, bookshelf and floorstander. Great finish, powerful sound with great speed/dynamic (you will know when you are playing something like Poems of Chinese Drum by Yim Hok Man). Detail at top end is a bit limited – probably due to the tweeter itself. Sold under USD 1000 (floorstander version) is really a bargain.


Vermouth, carefully handcrafted in Bali. Btw, Bali is Indonesia! I heard a lot of my friend from overseas saying that they knew Bali, but they just didn’t realize if Bali is Indonesia!


The owner of Vermouth Audio. Young but very passionate person to pursue his ambition. I think he is on right track. His Vermoth Audio brand has expanded not to local market only, but also overseas. You can search yourself if you want to hear some reviews.