Room with Accuphase system and also there is a Jadis Orphee CD Player. Accuphase system and Tannoy seems has a good presentation of Japanese type of sound.


Linn Exakt system. It turns really digital from the front end to the speaker (Linn Exact Akudorik). Interesting setup for you who want to really have a complete digital music system.


JBL speaker combined with digital source and Mark Levinson Integrated Amplifier No. 585.


Integrated amplifier Mark Levinson No. 585. It’s all in one system: Sabre DAC up to 32 bit 192 kHz and differential AB Class amplifier up to 200 W RMS at 8 Ohm.


Another JBL speaker powered by Dan D’Agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier. At USD 45.000, this is a really seriously build power amplifier.


One of the well constructed amplifier. It shares some similarity with Krell. No surprise as the founder himself was Krell’s chief engineer.