Harbeth Monitor 30.1 combined with all McIntosh front end system. Playing several “power hungry” track from Eagles, it didn’t even drop a sweat. This Harbeth Monitor 30.1 sounded accurate, with less coloration.


McIntosh MC601: Mono block amplifier rated at 600W RMS. You will never run out of power.


Audio Solutions speaker combined with Canary front end system including tube amplifier. It sounded quite promising, but unfortunately I didn’t have chance to listening more on this system.


Canary tube amplifier. Interesting “McIntosh like” power meter, but I have to admit that McIntosh has a better look and design of its meter.


This room should have Ayon inside (which is famous for its CD Player/DAC), but unfortunately the Ayon was not available. Therefore we only could find Croft and Lumin. The source also digital (wireless) from Lumin. It seems digital high resolution music starts to penetrate the market.


Audiophile Network music player from Lumin.