KEF LS50 Anniversary Edition and Gryphon. The speaker is affordable, I would say. You won’t believe how big the sound is. But unfortunately those Gryphon are expensive. Impressive setup for you who admire single driver full range speaker.


Cambridge Audio and T+A combo setup.


Some turntable (with discount) from Thorens! I think it’s a good start for beginner to enjoy the analog sound of vinyl. Some of them also support USB recording and onboard phone stage. So simply it will be a plug-n-play setup.


This is hard to miss setup. Kondo (there are two amplifiers here: Kondo 2A3 PSE “Souga” and Kondo 211 “On Gaku”). Both will cost you around 60K USD and 100K USD respectively. All has silver inside, from the capacitors, output transformers, and wiring.


Kondo 2A3 PSE “Souga” with 4x 2A3 tubes could produce power maximum at 8W RMS. Sort of 2A3 heaven with 300B power? As with other Kondo’s finish, this one has nice copper top plate. At around 60.000 USD, it has to be amazing both sound and appearance.


If you still have extra budget and need some more juice, Kondo has bigger option (although might not be the biggest). Welcome Kondo 211 “On Gaku”. It can deliver around 27W RMS of power. It should be more than enough to drive most speaker at your convenient level. At over 100.000 USD price tag, definitely this “On Gaku” is not for everyone.


Tannoy Prestige GR has no problem driven by either Souga or On Gaku, playing rock to pop and vocal.