Going to the 8th floor, the first room I visited was Wilson Audio Sasha2 driven by complete Audio Research, from source to amplifier (which I believe it was KT-120). Although the room is a bit small for Sasha2 – which definitely got impact on its low frequency response – but overall mid-high balance was impressive. Imaging also quite stable in the center with good separation.


I don’t remember this speaker. Quite sure it was on the same room with Wilson Audio. Will get back and edit once I could recall my brain 😉


Cambridge and Monitor Audio combination. Seeing the small antenna on the black box? Well, I think we should welcome the digital wireless audio era.


This one is Dynaudio speaker combined with Burmester. Some supporting tweaking stuff from Nordost.


KEF Reference bookshelf speaker. Was not powered on, but the build quality looked great.