I got this Tymphany driver from broken Bluetooth speaker. First, I don’t expect I would see anything special inside a broken Bluetooh speaker. But I’m wrong. The driver used is Tymphany (Peerless) P830985. I believe the name/numbering format is following old Peerless standard – and yes, this is Peerless (now Tymphany).

The problem is actually quite simple. It seems the speaker has been dropped from a distance. Therefore, the basket (which made from plastic) torn apart. Usually, most brand will use metal as basket which is quite rigid to hold such pressure. But as this is only small 2.5″ full range driver (and to save cost for sure), the basket is made from plastic. It’s good, until you drop it.


But off course such issue will not stop us (me) from using this speaker. Therefore, I decide to repair it a bit to see if I can use this driver in my other “silly” project (which I will cover sometime later). This driver is quite good, with quite extended high frequency (with some peaks and dips, for sure). The low just enough (you can’t expect much with resonant frequency at 117 Hz).


Here is the repair kit – Plastic Steel Epoxy. This dual-mix glue should be able to solve my problem. I bought it around USD 3 at local groceries few months ago.

3-Glue copy

Pouring the hardener and resin in the small piece of thick paper, then mix them together. They are ready to go.


I put the glue not only to cover the broken plastic area, but also to the surrounding places on the basket. I’m quite sure the plastic basket won’t be strong enough to handle such heavy pressure (like accidentally dropping this speaker from a distance).

Therefore, adding the glue will give more strength to withstand any excess pressure that might happen someday. I pour the glue to the circle side of the basket and also to the basket’s frame. Hope the result would be sturdy enough!


I will plug back this speaker to its place and will see if it will work perfectly or not 😉