When enough is never enough! I think that would be a proper statement for this new approach from Kharma. Welcome, the Kharma Exquisite P1000 amplifier.

I have no plan to talk about its specification. You are free to visit Kharma’s site directly here.

I have more interest to show its special ‘crazy’ feature which I don’t think anyone ever done that before…


See below specification from Kharma: A silver transformer in the power supply! Yes, you are reading it correctly, silver transformer in power supply, not in the choke, interstage, or output transformer. You gotta be kidding, but unfortunately, this is no joke and definitely not April 1st!


The second big thing on this amplifier is naked Z-foil as resistor in the remote controlled shunt attenuator volume control.

Well, to be honest, I’m also planning on naked Z-foil on my Grayhill stepped attenuator. We have seen many DIY guys are doing crazy thing – but not the branded stuff. It’s a bit different with branded equipment which is unlikely going that far with Z-foil resistor, but Kharma does a bit different here by using the ultimate parts inside their new amplifier.


Looking forward to audition this amplifier in local retailer!