I’m quite sure most people will know this name ‘Jupiter Condenser Co.’ and its famous brand, Jupiter Beeswax Capacitor. I don’t really remember if there is any other brand using ‘beeswax’, but I can say that Beeswax capacitor is Jupiter.’

Unlike other brand which has moved to Copper foil long time ago, Jupiter is still consistent with Aluminum foil. One reason (probably) to maintain the affordable selling price. Other reason probably they have reached what they want in terms of sonic signature with the Aluminum foil.

Long story short, I received email from Christopher Young from Jupiter Condenser Co. He was asking whether I’m interested to try their new capacitor, with Copper Foil. Definitely I didn’t mind to try, but I also didn’t want to get it for free (as I always tried to be neutral when sharing my findings).

Chris didn’t mind, so he sent me an invoice, I paid it instantly (thanks to Paypal), then within around 2-3 weeks, finally I got his new capacitor.

I still remembered my first online transaction (probably over 12 years ago). I needed to go to a Bank to buy money order, sent by airmail to the seller, waiting him to clear the money order, then finally he would ship the goods, plus another few weeks waiting before I could get the goods. Now? Instant payment within minutes to anyone anywhere the world (though 3.5-4% charge by Paypal is a bit too much if you are paying more than 1K USD).

The first thing that I noticed when I received the goods was this is quite small capacitors. I just couldn’t believe how small it was. Well, I knew that size meant nothing ;-). Other capacitor that I could recall having similar size is Mundorf Supreme.

Jupiter is using pure silver leadout, similar with Jensen and Duelund. The leadout is soft one, also similar like Jensen and Duelund. Very different with Mundorf which is using a bigger diameter leadout (and also stiffer one).


Below is the comparison size between Jupiter HT Copper Foil, Paper, and Wax and two of my current favorite: Jensen Paper Tube Copper Foil and Duelund CAST Copper Foil (original ‘moon cake’ design, special order to Duelund with 2.0 leadout).

We will see how does this capacitor perform against its competitor. Also to be noted that Jupiter HT Copper Foil, Paper, and Wax is quite (or very) affordable compared to capacitor at its level. Even I would say it’s the cheapest among others.