It’s time to replace battery on some of my measurement device. And surprisingly, it’s not easy to find good (and safe) replacement. For some of you who never (I hope really-really never) got problem with battery, probably you will not realize how important to replace your battery and find a good/safe one.

We often forget to replace the battery on our measurement device – like multitester (AVO meter), LCR meter, temperature tester, etc. Especially for you who doesn’t use those device daily. The device left inside the shelves for months (or years) then once you want to use it, boom, it doesn’t work. When you open the device, you see some leakage from the battery. This is very pain story and bigger chance your device is broken permanently (lucky if you can fix it). Been there at least once, and I swear that I won’t let it happens again.

There are several options that we can take.

First is to find a safe battery. It’s not easy, but usually this comes from personal experience. Some brand are well knows as easily to leak, and some has good reputation of being very solid. I’m not preferring any brand, just try to show some local option available.


For AA, my choice falls to Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Price around 6x of regular high performance alkaline, Energizer Ultimate Lithium offers 9x longer durability. I rarely change my measurement device’s battery (as I’m not using them daily), so with this Energizer, I think it could be even longer. My suggestion is to change the battery at least once a year, even if you rarely use the device. Spending $2-3 for battery every year doesn’t worth the risk of leakage and damage to our measurement device.


The other option that I could find locally is Panasonic Alkaline Premium Evolta. This battery mentions specifically that it’s using anti leakage internal construction. The price is more or less similar with other Premium Alkaline battery. So I also put this battery on my purchase list.


Finally, for 9V option which also quite common in digital multitester and IR temperature tester, my option is a bit limited with Maxell and Energizer brand. Hope they will not disappoint me 😉