EIMAC tube is well known as high power (we are talking ‘K’ in Volts). The current requirement also quite heavy. But the best thing from them is they are beautiful with Thoriated Tungsten filament. I’m collecting some EIMAC tube. And as I have no plan to use them in my project (I have no guts to play in ‘kiloVolts’ area), then the best way to enjoy this EIMAC tube is by powering the filament up. Below is Power Tetrode EIMAC 8165 or 4-65A. It requires 6V and 3A power supply to power its filament.


Close up shoot on the filament. The image is a bit bent due to the glass surface construction.


The other tube that I got on hand is power triode EIMAC VT-129 or 304TL. This is a giant tube, very-very giant, rated up to 300W on the plate. The filament requires around 12A at 10V (series) or 25A at 5V (parallel). This is out of my power supply specification. I think I need a more serious power supply to power this tube. It actually has 4 filaments inside (see 4 metal cylinders?). According to the history, this 304TL actually consists of 2x 152TL or 4x 75TL. Interesting appearance/construction and definitely a collectible tube.