A bit tough later these days to find a good reclock module. Somehow, I was interested to try this one: TCXO Module from D/A Mental (a bit strange name, huh?).

The specification is quite promising, like below:

  • Frequency : 22.5792MHz
  • Precision : 1ppm
  • Operating voltage : +3.3Vdc
  • Operating current : 25mA (MAX)
  • Output Waveform : TTL/CMOS
  • Duty cycle : 40/60%
  • Frequency stability Vs Temp : +/- 5ppm (0 ~ +50 C)
  • Phase noise : -135dBc/1KHz(10M)
  • Package : 20.4 x 12.8 x 7.5mm
  • Aging : +/- 2ppm/Yr.

So far I used to be a big fans of TentLabs for his clock module. But lately Guido is hard to be reached. So alternative option should be considered… I would be more than interested to compare this vs TentLabs, but unfortunately I only have 27 and 12 MHz clock from TentLabs, and they are not TCXO.