Not really a DIY activity this one, but just a break with another hobby: photography!

I believe we are familiar with a lot of tubes, but sometime we never see the detail what’s inside. From this moment, I will start to take picture of several tubes that I got on hand, in detail. Probably some will have the heater powered – to give sexier view. Thank to my micro lens, Sigma 150mm/2.8. I believe this is one of my best investment (and upgrade) so far for macro related activity.

We start with my favorite Russian tube: 6N6P or probably we are familiar with its other name: ECC99. It has gold grid, don’t know if it’s a real gold or just gold color.

1 - 6N6P - Grid

Nothing special on the top side. I should have powered it to give more interesting photo.

2 - 6N6P - Top

This one is not a tube, but vintage 2SK389. Special thanks to Mr. AW to provide this ultra rare stuff to me and some other colleagues!

3 - 2SK389

The other also quite rare stuff, 2SJ74. Again, special thanks to Mr. AW to share this to our DIY community. I think we have enough ammunition to build another ‘weapon of mass destruction’! 🙂

4 - 2SJ74