Monthly Archives: December 2013

Seeing in Big Picture…

Not really a DIY activity this one, but just a break with another hobby: photography! I believe we are familiar with a lot of tubes, but sometime we never see...... Read More

Potting Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer

After first part here, I think it’s time to experiment more with this SPDIF Transformer. What could be worst than potting it into a custom enclosure? Nanana, I can’t even...... Read More

Mounting Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer

Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer is quite unique. The appearance is 8-pins SMD, but the footprint is nowhere on the 8-pins SMD one. I have tried BrownDog PCB to mount, but...... Read More

Indonesia DIY Audio Gathering Bintaro XIV

It has been a while since the last gathering (Bintaro XIII). So finally at December 21st, the 14th Bintaro gathering held again. You must be quite familiar with below setup,...... Read More