It’s almost perfect. Only need a final touch. Thanks for the great work of the manufacturer (which I can’t disclose now, but soon).

This final version has a solid silver leadout. It will not break easily because it’s a twisted wire. Very strong and solid, I have to admit. And also you will see a number to mark where is the input, output, positive, negative, etc.


You can see a very strong silver leadout here. The numbers will make sure you will not connect them wrongly as this is electrolytic based capacitor and has positive/negative polarity. So make sure you connect it right. Otherwise, you will have an expensive firework 😉

JimCaps1 copy

Thinking to find some (limited) testers to try this new capacitor… It’s an electrolytic capacitor, rated at 470 uF / 450 VDC.

Drop me an email explaining who you are, what is your system (with picture will be good), where do you plan to use it, and why I should give you this capacitor to try.

Some (limited) lucky guy or gal will get chance to test it with their system and if they like it, they can keep it!

Remember, only very limited and selected person will get this chance. So, forgive me if due to some reason, you are not selected.

You might ask about my email address. Go to the main page. See on the right column, under ‘Donation’. You can find my email there.

Update: I receive some emails asking when this capacitor will be commercially available. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose any information at present time. This capacitor is very labor intensive, and made in Europe. It will translate into high retail price. I don’t really see any electrolytic at this price level before (my requirements are too much probably for this capacitor). Probably similar with the price of vintage NOS Black Gate WKz. So, I need to see from the ‘lucky testers’ feedback, how good this capacitor on various system, before deciding whether I’m going to go commercial.