Upon searching for a value Chassis RCA for my ASUS Xonar Essence One upgrade, I remember one of new audio brand owned by local colleague. The brand is Vermouth Audio. So, I order the highest grade, CR-M02-Rho (which is surprisingly very affordable). Usually I use Cardas GRFA series which is also quite affordable (and so far a best performer at its price level).

Spec wise, Vermouth Audio CR-M02-Rho is quite premium. The base material is (audio grade) Brass with Rhodium plated (this Rhodium material is also used by Cardas). Teflon is used as insulation material. Teflon is surely a standard for such high grade connector as Teflon has higher temperature resistant (for longer soldering time). The most interesting thing is the contact pin which made from Tellurium Copper (plated with Rhodium). I don’t really see many audio stuff utilized Tellurium material (I remember  Italian tube socket made by Luciano also uses Tellurium). Finally, this RCA is non-magnetic type.

I got chance to listen this on my friend’s system few months ago. He upgraded from the standard RCA Chassis. It was a huge improvement in terms of the sound. Transparent, smooth, detail, and quite natural. I’m not on the position to compare against my favorite (one of best value/performer, Cardas GRFA) as I haven’t compared them side-by-side. But hearing the change from standard RCA to Vermouth CR-M02-Rho and standard RCA to Cardas GRFA, then I think they are both should be on the same level of musicality (more or less, subject to personal preference).

So, I think I can add this Vermouth Audio CR-M02-Rho on my favorite list, along with Cardas GRFA. And if we are comparing the price, I think Vermouth Audio CR-M02-Rho is surely a clear winner.