One of my friend bought my Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper). Actually I always keep some pairs for my own use, but as you know that I’m a bit slower when running my own DIY Project later these days, so some time some of the stuff bought by my colleague. So I have to reorder again. I don’t mind as long I don’t lose money (usually gain a bit ha~~~).

Since I need to order new one, so I take this chance to order custom version.

First, I ask for Duelund original ‘moon cake’ design. This design must  be ordered specifically to Duelund (or Frederik) himself and the lead time is 2 months excluded shipping time. Mine was done at around 7 weeks. This original design has bigger size, heavier weight, and the ‘worst thing’ is – since it’s special order – it’s (much) more expensive.

Second, the leadout. Instead of the original pure silver leadout like in my original Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) here, I decide to go with custom Duelund 2.0 cable as leadout. Again, if you order this, it will add some cost to the final price. So here you go, the top view between the original Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) on the left with the Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper) on center and right side.


Diameter wise, the 1 uF / 630 VDC of Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) and Cu (Copper) is the same. But the Ag version is a bit thicker. This means the Ag (Silver) is also heavier. It’s nearly 340 grams of weight for 1 uF / 630 VDC.


The 1 uF / 630 VDC is a bit lighter at 291 grams. Not really light for such small value capacitor.


Even lighter for 0.47 uF / 630 VDC version. This is quite normal as the winding itself will be smaller along with the smaller capacitance.


The best thing of this custom order version is the Duelund 2.0 cable as leadout.


Height comparison. The left side is the Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) 1 uF / 630 VDC. The center is the same value, but in Cu (Copper) version. While the right side is the 0.47 uF / 630 VDC version of the Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper).